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Updated: Sep 16

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Podcasts can be a great way to supplement the traditional news sources and websites you read. They are a hot trend over the past few years with new podcasts popping up each month. They can be very interesting and engaging, especially podcasts that invite noteworthy guests or have multiple hosts that get into deep conversation and debate. This can offer different point of views and stimulate your creative and strategic thinking around Cybersecurity best practices, new technologies and current threats. On top of that, Podcasts can be great for daily commutes, when you're on the move, or if you can't stand to stare at a computer screen any longer!

We have scoured through the major Podcast platforms and collected all the best, high-quality, Cybersecurity Podcasts we could find. One thing to note is that with Podcasts being so trendy, we have found a high rate of turnover with new Podcasts that can't make it for the long haul. With so many of these Podcast attempts, there's a lot of stale Podcasts cluttering up search results. That said, all the Podcasts in our list have had new episodes within the last 30 days and we will continue to update this periodically.

Feel free to reach out to us if you find any good new Podcasts you'd like us to review an add to the list, or if you find one that has decided to call it quits and we should remove. So check out our list below and happy listening!

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Check out these Podcasts to learn more about Cybersecurity and stay up-to-date on the latest news and trends.

  1. Cybersecurity Where you Are (CIS)

  2. Cybersecurity Today (ITWC)

  3. Cyber Security Inside (Intel)

  4. Cyber Work (InfoSec)

  5. Cyberwire Daily

  6. Cyber Security Headlines

  7. Naked Security Podcast (Sophos)

  8. Cybersecurity Unplugged

  9. Cyber (Vice)

  10. Malicious Life (Cybereason)

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