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Top Cybersecurity books to grow your career

Updated: Aug 6, 2022

There are many educational resources available online to learn about Cybersecurity including websites, videos, whitepapers and online classes, but nothing will replace well written books. There are thousands of books that cover the many different categories of Cybersecurity, such as Network Security, Cloud Security, and Application Security.

These books can be used to learn new topics, expand on existing knowledge or prepare for certifications. Along with Information Technology, the Cybersecurity field has many professional certifications that are important to grow your career and validate the expertise that you have in a particular subject. We are constantly searching for, reading, and reviewing the best books that should be considered depending on the area of interest. Read through the list of top Cybersecurity books covering many different subject areas and certifications.

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Read these books to learn new areas of Cybersecurity or prepare for certifications

Beginner Books


Advanced topics


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