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Implementing Cybersecurity architectures across Microsoft services

Updated: Sep 3, 2022

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Most businesses are leveraging Microsoft Cloud services in some capacity. Microsoft 365 (Exchange Online, Teams, OneDrive, SharePoint) and Microsoft Azure are among the most popular for organizations. For most people without technology and cybersecurity backgrounds, there is a common misconception that Cloud services are inherently secure by default because they are offered by large enterprise providers like Microsoft and Amazon. Unfortunately that is not the case. To be fair, there are many default security settings and services that are integrated into the services, but this cannot just be assumed, and in many cases additional configurations and services are needed in addition to whatever the minimum offerings are. That said, becoming familiar with the Cloud architecture of the services you are consuming is extremely important. You should understand the design and request/obtain documentation on the security settings and capabilities.

One of the most important features within Microsoft 365 that should absolutely be leveraged to improve security is Conditional Access. There are many custom and sophisticated Conditional Access Policies that can be created that will significantly increase the security posture and access controls of your Cloud services. One of the recommended policies we recommend all companies start with, is creating a Conditional Access Policy to enforce Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) for ALL users throughout the organization by default. This ensures that there is no manual effort to enable MFA for users individually and it's impossible for accounts to slip through the cracks (unless exceptions are created, not recommended).

Check out the resources below from Microsoft that explain Conditional Access Policies and provide in-depth documents and presentations covering the Cybersecurity architectures and controls that can be integrated into Microsoft Cloud services.

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