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Endpoint Protection for Small Businesses

Updated: Sep 3, 2022

One of the most obvious cybersecurity tools, but also most important, is still anti-virus software for computer (endpoint) protection. By ensuring all endpoints have a reliable and effective endpoint protection software, this will minimize the risk of getting malware or other malicious viruses, but also ensures that if one computer does happen to get infected, it will contain the threat and prevent it from spreading and causing damage on other systems.

There are many different vendors today that provide their own flavor of endpoint protection. One of the most popular trends today is Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) which is a more sophisticated anti-virus tool that protects a system based on identifying anomalies, rather than a simple scanning engine that references a dictionary of known threats. This newer technology is much more effective in protecting against zero-day viruses because any activity that seems abnormal should be blocked, rather than relying on a previously identified/reported virus signature. Enterprise EDR solutions can be extremely expensive however, as they usually also include a managed service for monitoring and alerting upon security events.

That said, there are still less expensive solutions available that can be very effective and won't break the budget for a small business or start-up. Take a look at our list of top endpoint protection services for small businesses below.

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Review these endpoint protection (anti-virus) solutions to find the best fit for your business

  1. Trend Micro Maximum Security

    1. Trend Micro is a reliable and high-quality anti-virus provider. We have used Trend Micro for many years and have always felt they offered a great balance of value, with reasonable (lower cost) subscriptions and an effective product. The software is also known to be much more lightweight compared to other competitors that are known to be resource hogs.

  2. Microsoft Defender for Business

    1. Microsoft Defender for Business is a great product offered as a monthly subscription under the Microsoft 365 umbrella. You don't have to have a 365 subscription to get this however, it can be purchased separately (only around $3/user/month). This is one of the easiest solutions with almost no setup and a true set it and forget it product.

  3. Malwarebytes Premium

    1. Malwarebytes has long been a favorite of IT professionals because of how effective it is. They always seem to find and remove malware and viruses that other software couldn't. For that reason this is still a highly-recommended solution and offered at a very reasonable price. Malwarebytes has even expanded into more business solution offerings, including an EDR solution.

  4. Sophos Intercept X

    1. Sophos is another great product, which I would compare closely to Trend. They are both reliable software vendors with quality products. They offer consumer and small business products, but also have enterprise offerings as well. Intercept X is one of the closest to an EDR solution without the fully managed service behind it. So it's highly recommended, but also a bit more expensive.

  5. Bitdefender Total Security

    1. Bitdefender is a favorite among consumers and small businesses because they offer low-cost products but are still known to be reliable, effective, and pretty lightweight on computer resources. It's a well-rounded product, but I would still put it right behind the 4 solutions previously listed.

  6. Webroot Internet Security Complete

    1. Webroot is very similar to Bitdefender. Some people prefer one over the other, but they both are great at locking down computers and stopping viruses. This is also a very affordable product for small businesses


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