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Check out the top updates from the 2022 Black Hat USA conference

Black Hat just wrapped up its 25th annual cybersecurity conference in Las Vegas. Starting on August 6th, the conference conducted 4 days of training, followed by 2 main days of presentations, briefings, and networking activities. There were excellent presentations given by leading cybersecurity professionals with very insightful, informational and opinionated takes on current security trends, technology, and recent cyber attacks. If you weren't able to attend in person or virtually, be sure to check out these sources for articles providing key news and updates from the conference.

Some key topics included:

  • The Zero Day Initiative is Trend Micro's vendor-agnostic bug bounty program

  • Lessons learned from the unprecedented ransomware attack against Colonial Pipeline last year

  • Geopolitical factors, including the potential invasion of Taiwan should be considered a top cybersecurity risk for any entity in the near future

  • The latest important vulnerabilities, including several Cisco firewall vulnerabilities

  • Supply chain risks and how to manage

  • Considerations around incident response

  • And much more...

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Review these sources for Black Hat news and updates






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