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Cybersecurity Frameworks
and Governance

What You Need to Know

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There are many Cybersecurity frameworks that can be leveraged to help guide your business through all the best practices and recommended controls that should be implemented and followed within an Information Security Program.

Cybersecurity Governance is about the management and oversight of an organization's Information Security or Cybersecurity Program. Governing bodies such as the SEC must ensure financial organizations under their regulation adhere to any Cybersecurity mandates and follow recommendations. Another example would be Federal or State Government Agencies that must comply with the NIST framework to ensure their information and systems are secure.

Here is a list of some of the top Frameworks and Standards. Some listed are the organization or governing body and provide numerous frameworks and/or standards within each.

  1. NIST (Cybersecurity Framework, 800-53, etc.)

  2. ISO 27001/27002

  3. CIS Controls Version 8

  4. SOC 2

  5. PCI-DSS


  7. HIPAA

  8. FedRAMP

  9. NYDFS

  10. SCAP

  11. COBIT

  12. COSO

See the articles below for additional information.

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